Gap & Extended Protection

Protect Yourself Today! Extended Protection Plans & GAP Insurance.

Ever notice what auto dealerships are charging you for GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance or Extended Protection repair plans? Dowell Federal Credit Union offers these same products to you and often at a substantially lower cost.

Protect yourself with GAP insurance if your car is totaled or stolen! With the fluctuation in the economy the replacement value your insurance company will reimburse you may be substantially less than the amount you owe. Gap insurance covers up to 125% of the retail value and up to $1000 towards your insurance deductible*. Did you also know that if you are involved in a collision that is not your fault, their insurance company will not pay off your loan if you owe more than the retail value of the automobile? GAP Insurance is available when you finance with Dowell. With prices starting at $250 per each automobile loan, it could save you thousands.

Extended Protection Plans take all the worry out of auto repairs so that you can sleep better. Plans are available on new and used vehicles, and may be purchased at any time on automobiles still covered under the manufacturer's warranty, or at the time of purchase on a used automobile. We also offer Open Enrollment for vehicles no older than six years and less than 60,000 miles. Call us today for details on GAP and Extended Protection at 800-335-7662.

*Subject to the terms of the program.