Dowell Federal Credit Union--Proudly Serving Our Members Since 1962.

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Our History

A half-century ago, in 1962, Dowell Federal Credit Union was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma by employees of the Dowell Division of Dow Chemical Company.
Dowell Federal Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative currently serving the workforce, retirees, and families of 7 Select Employee Groups (SEG). Our members and directors are currently, or have previously been, employed by one of these SEG's, and our deposits are used to make loans that benefit the employees, retirees, and the families we serve.

Our Mission

Our Mission, as the volunteers and employees of Dowell Federal Credit Union is to provide our members with safe secure investment opportunities with the best possible rate of return. We will do this by investing in government guaranteed securities and federal insured financial institutions, and by making quality loans to the membership.

It is our goal to promote financial responsibility to Dowell Federal Credit Union members and their families. This is accomplished by offering personalized service, financial counseling and, most importantly, by providing a convenient source of credit to financially responsible members at the best possible interest rate.