Dowell Federal Credit Union--Proudly Serving Our Members Since 1962.

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Our Purpose

Dowell Federal Credit Union's primary purpose is to promote financial stability among the membership by providing loans at the least possible cost, paying a fair rate of return on savings, and providing helpful member service. Dowell Federal Credit Union is committed to the credit union philosophy of "people helping people" because we really do care about our members. Since Dowell Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative, owned by the members and not a handful of bank stockholders, this not-for-profit status allows us to offer competitive loan rates, excellent dividends and a variety of no and low-cost services.

Credit unions, like other financial institutions, are closely regulated, and operate in a very prudent manner. In addition, your money is secure at Dowell Federal Credit Union. Every penny you have at Dowell is insured, to at least $250,000, through the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration), a U.S. government agency.

Our Structure

Unlike banks, credit unions are member owned financial cooperatives; so when you join Dowell, your initial deposit to open a share account establishes your membership and makes you a part-owner. Credit unions are democratically controlled, meaning as a member and part-owner, you have an equal say in how the institution is operated through your vote in the election of the Board of Directors. The dedicated individuals who serve as our Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers elected by and from the membership. They are an important part of Dowell Federal Credit Union's success by providing the support and guidance that allow us to offer competitive, innovative services and products.

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