Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

A Faster, Safer, More Convenient Way To Receive Deposits!

Direct Deposit service allows your employer to electronically deposit your paycheck onto your Dowell FCU Savings or Electronic Checking Account. With Direct Deposit you won't have to make a special trip to the Credit Union on payday or wait for your check to be deposited by sending it in the mail – your check will be deposited automatically!

Ask your employer if they offer Direct Deposit. Some employers may require you to complete an authorization form with your account number and the Credit Union's Routing/ABA number. Please contact us if you need assistance in retrieving or verifying your account number. If your company requires a voided check or deposit slip, Dowell FCU can provide you with a letter detailing your account information to be provided to your employer.

For Direct Deposit ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions, Dowell Federal Credit Union's Routing/ABA number is 303985932*.

*This Routing Number is exclusively used for ACH transactions, if you plan to receive an Incoming Wire Transfer, please contact us for the proper wire instructions and routing information at 800-335-7662

Direct Deposit Form
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